Autumn *

A month! It has been a month since I last posted anything.

I have been really busy trying to keep up with classes, my schedule this semester is incredibly hectic and I really don't like it. Although I like the classes, the arrangement makes studying and reviewing prior really terrible. None of that matters because nothing makes me happier the season of Autumn. Everything is glowy, and illuminated. Even bad days are beautiful in autumn.

Now that it's officially autumn, I can wear all the sweaters I've missed wearing over the spring and summer. This season is really perfect for me, I hate wearing anything that is skin tight and I love layers. With the cool breeze every morning, I enjoy dressing up. I keep everything simple, because the light of the season adds a glow to life. My favorite nailpolish to wear in the fall is a nude Essie color, because I enjoy wearing darker sweaters and hijabs I like to keep all of my accessories simple to give a clean look. I also really really love re-reading "Breakfast at Tiffany's" this time of year. It was autumn when I first read it in high school and I always get reminiscent to read it.

Oh and how perfect is my view?

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