How sweet it is *

Where has the weekend gone? My last weekend in DC with my sister and we managed to hit up a few last places I hadn't been yet. 

Busboys & Poets was really delicious, and although we wanted to go back and brunch there, there was something slightly greasy about it. At least for our taste, we both got a little sick from oil overload. It was beautiful inside and had a Love Jones vibe going. 

The Bethesda farmers market was so pretty, but not enough flowers in my opinion. Then again, we did roll in a bit late. There was this hilarious Jewish dude selling "kosher bacon" and he referred to his Muslim friends as "halal homies" -- definitely a term for the books. 

Next on our adventure was paper source and as you can imagine, I died and went to heaven. Sadly, there were too many people inside and my claustrophobic tendencies prevented me from purchasing anything. I saw several notebooks, pens and mugs I wanted to take home tho.

We went to the world market right after and decided on getting some tiny cute things for my sisters place, and rose lemonade -- because it sounded pretty.  I'm going to miss these weekends.

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  1. Last weekend was quite chill. It's too hot in Doha to go around but i'm so excited for the next one as I'm travelling soon to italy!!


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