Self Care *

Being in medical school is tiring, difficult and can distract from not only being social, but self care. It's important to keep your priorities in line with your daily activities, but sometimes it's just as important to take a mental health day.

For me, long days of classes can wear me out very quickly and coming home to those long nights of studying is even worse. I find that physically removing myself from my desk for a few hours a week just to breathe really help. I used to feel really guilty about this. Once I started getting more and more comfortable with taking elongated breaks just to wake myself up and get a fresh attitude, I started taking break AT my desk -- which I soon realized were more of a hinderance than a help.

I started exploring my city. Finding cute little bakeries/coffee shops like the one pictured above. This not only satisfies my belly but seriously helps chill for a little while. 

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